Monday, September 24, 2012

Farm Dog

The past few weeks haven't been terribly exciting, except for one thing- we got a puppy! Bomber arrived last Saturday night and the reason I have waited until now to say anything is that it took us a good 5 days to name him, and then I wanted to wait a few days just to make sure it stuck.
Bomber is a Brittany and is now 8 weeks old. He comes from a long line of bird hunting dogs, so Brian is hoping to train him to be one as well, although he has never attempted training like that before.

Bomber is a a little firecracker with enough energy for all of us and teeth as sharp as needles that like to be firmly gripping something at all times. The other animals tolerate him, and have all shown him who is boss (aka- not him). They are starting to let him jump on them which I appreciate since I am currently his only play buddy.

The timing of his arrival was perfect. Things on the farm have been pretty mellow. Brian has had extra things to do at work, we have had a few people come to visit, and we haven't made it to the farmers market to collect things for canning in a couple of weeks. We are in between major projects and the house is livable and functional as it is.

That doesn't mean our To Do list isn't a mile long, but it's been really nice getting to know our new puppy, watching the season start to change to Fall (my favorite!), and rest up a little before we start preparing for the cold winter ahead.

Bomber and his big brothers, Manny and Cloverdale

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