Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Farm Blog Has Moved

Crafty Girl in the Country has merged with BohoKnitterChic Spins to become BohoKnitterChic Spins in the Country

In 2007 I started a fiber arts blog where I wanted to focus on my primary hobbies, knitting and spinning yarn. It had remained my obsession for over 5 years now, but the posts to my blog are fewer and further between.  

I also created this farm blog when we bought our first property last year and have be posting about our farm, animals, canning, crafting, and a little bit of cooking whenever I get the chance. 

I couldn't find a good reason NOT to merge the blogs into one, because really, my life isn't segregated, so why should my blogs be separate? I think anyone who appreciates home arts can appreciate fiber arts, and vice versa, and ultimately the goal is to bring sheep to the farm for my fiber arts, at which point my worlds really will converge.

Since my fiber arts blog has been around longer, I decided to move the posts from here over there, so please check out the link at the top of this post and see this blogs new home, and the other fun things I like to do.

Get caught up, familiarize yourself with some of the fun new links on the right sidebar, and get geared up for what's ahead. Tomorrow is a brand new day, and the start of some fun new posts. I'm really excited for what's to come, are you? I hope to see you there...

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